Our Members

The Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge is an incorporated association, running as a not-for-profit organisation, comprising people from many backgrounds and areas of interest.

Our current members number many educators, ranging from university lecturers to school principles, technologists - people like engineers (various disciplines) and computer and solar systems specialists, Doctors (the medical kind), students at various levels and people whom are passionate about the benefits to the students that participate in the events run by the VMSVC.

VMSVC Chairperson Clint SteeleThe current chairperson of the association is Clint Steele. Clint first became interested in STEM (although he did not realise it at the time) when he read a hot-rod magazine at the age of 14. It was a magazine with technical tips that showed how understanding how things worked let someone make them work better or how you want them to work. Some investigation revealed that it was engineers who use the mastery of the current scientific and technological knowledge to create the physical world that humans have made for themselves. From that point onwards he has been interested in all things related to the development and application of scientific knowledge to fix problems and make things better. Being chairperson of MSVCV affords Clint another opportunity to share his passion with others and help lay the foundations for the next generation of engineers, scientists and technologists. Clint has a bachelor degree in mechanical engineering, a master of entrepreneurship and innovation and a PhD in probabilistic design. He has worked for Ford Australia in Product Development, Cram Australia designing mining equipment, Davey Water Products as a product development engineer, DETEKT Design in Chinese design house and Swinburne University as a lecturer teaching engineering design. He uses the skills and insights gained from his past to make the MSVCV the best STEM experience that it can be for participants.

Paul Wellington - VMSVC ChairThe current vice-chairperson of the association is Paul Wellington. While lecturing on engineering materials and manufacturing in the 1980s at the then Chisholm Institute of Technology (subsequently the Caulfield campus of Monash University), he led teams of engineering students and staff in a fuel efficiency competition, the Mileage Marathon in which one of their cars achieved 1000km/litre. He then went on to lead the Chisholm team in the 1987 World Solar Challenge, the race from Darwin to Adelaide for solar powered cars in which their car, the Desert Cat, finished 6th of 24 starters. Based on the educational benefits of this event, he, in conjunction with Ted Mellor, coordinator of the Warragul Technical School’s WSC entry, started the Victorian Model Solar Car Challenge which was first held in 1990, with the Boat Challenge starting 4 years later.