Don Sheridan

Late in 2015 one of the members of the VMSVC Association passed away.Don Sheridan

Don Sheridan, a beloved and long-term member of the association, passed away in late November 2015 after a long, and unfortunately protracted, battle with cancer.

Don was the man behind the conception, design and production of the Kit Car division of the VMSVC events.  Over the years he worked tirelessly and productively to hone the initial idea into a kit that suitable for entry level participants to the model solar challenge.  Not only was he the man behind he was also the mentor up front.  Many people and organisations have benefited from a visit from Don when they were undertaking the construction of the kit.

Each year at the scienceworks event Don was on hand to help scrutineer the kit cars and to help run the event.  It was noted that "His friendly face and warm interaction with the kids on race day was always a welcome bonus in a busy day".

His engineering background included, the construction of the first Dynamic Wheel Balancer for Repco, he was also involved in the Repco-Brabam F1 race car team. When working at the Telstra Research Laboratories his duties included managing the section whose work provided ground breaking developments that resulted in the creation and implementation of the world renowned Cochlea Ear implant.