Testing your vehicle

Not testing your vehicle can be dangeruousThere is one re-occurring theme that you will encounter when looking through the technical resource information.  It is a task that many first time competitor may be eager to skip, although they do so at their own peril.  Yes it is testing.

Regardless of the division in which you are competing if you decide not to test and evaluate the performance of your constructed vehicle then you are running a very large risk that you will encounter major issue when attending the events.  You mentors in the design and build phase of the model creation should have talked to about what your vehicle needs to be able to achieve.  For a boat the ability to run straight along the guide without submerging.  For the both the kit car and student designed it is the ability to run along the track with no loss of guidance events in all levels of sun.  Whilst these seem obvious it is important that you perform tests to ensure that these needs are satisfied otherwise it makes no difference if you have created the fastest ever vehicle as it will never complete the race.

Once the basics have been covered then you can move onto testing for satisfy other requirements of your division, the most demanding is finishing first but you can never tell what the actual conditions of the race will present on the day.

The design guides for each division include more information on tests that you should perform and the expected results of those tests.  You are encouraged to review that information and the current regulations to ensure that on race day you have as few unexpected occurrences as possible.