Construction of a model solar boat or car can be a complicated and involved activity.

We have several documents that may be of assistance in your journey from the idea you have to the final vehicle you have constructed.

If you are considering a Model Solar Boat then the excellent guide authored by Wayne Young (a member of the association) is a great place to start.

You can access the document either online by following the link Model Solar Boat Guide or you can download the older static PDF version by clicking on the following link, Model Solar Boat Guide - PDF.

In addition to the guide there are sections of this web site where detailed information covering aspects of the boat design and testing can be found.  It is up to you to determine what information is relevant to your design and how best to apply the knowledge.

If you are planning to race a Sheridan Kit Car then the construction details will be included in the kit that you have purchased.  You can also access the current construction guide by using the online documentation on this web site.

The student designed car division also has construction information but it is not in the form of a step-by-step guide, the Model Solar Car Design Guide provide a detailed review of the specific skills and tasks you should consider when competing in this division.  The older static PDF version of this information along with a wealth of other information can be accessed by clicking on the following link, Model Solar Car Design Guide 2014 - PDF.

There are a number of articles that discuss the various areas in depth from simple task such as measurement of the solar panel power through to the complex areas of simulation of your model vehicles performance.