In participating in the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge it is certain you will need to make use of several different skills and types of technology.  In all cases the use of Silicon based solar cell panels to power the vehicles when racing is going to be needed.  Additional team members will need to be able to understand and undertake simple wiring to connect the panels to the chosen generator of locomotive power.  As for the other skills and types of technology you require, it depends on the model being constructed,

Model boat require at least the knowledge about boat hulls, propellers and buoyancy.  In the advanced boat division gearbox, electronics and advanced hull formation would be required.

The kit car uses a set of given parts that are to be assembled to produce a working vehicle.  Detail to attention and construction methods are critical as well in order to produce a competitive vehicle.

When the student designed car is considered the skill levels and chosen technology can be daunting.  Construction technology and materials are all open to selection by the teams.

Some of the areas where you may need to investigate for your vehicle are:

  • Computer Adided Design
  • Vacuum forming
  • Component manufacture
  • 3D printing
  • Programming
  • Circuit design
  • Construction materials
  • Hull design
  • Solar Panel selection