Model Solar Boat Guide - Introduction

This guide will take you through all the steps you will need to design and make a working solar powered model boat.

If your organisation is participating the Victorian Model Solar Challenge in either the junior or advanced divisions you should be able to enter your boat into the competition by following this guide. Even if your organisation is not entering the competition you will have a boat that you can race against others in your group.

You get to make decisions about how the boat will look and be made as part of a team. It is a lot of fun working with other students to research, design and make a model solar boat.

To be an effective team you will need to cooperate and plan. It is OK to make mistakes, that’s how you will learn what works and what doesn’t work.MSBG Sol

When you think of new ways to do it better you are being creative. When you are planning the next step you are being organised. Teams need people that are creative, are organised, and can make mistakes and learn from them.

If you are entering the Victorian Model Solar Challenge each year there is a published set of regulations you will need to meet in order to participate in the competition. This guide will tell you almost all of the things you need to know but you will need to read and understand the regulations to ensure that your boat will be accepted at the event.

You will be working towards the day when you get to race your boat against other boats from other organisation. At the competition there will be organisations from around the state, all competing against each other to be the fastest boat on the day. You will be cheering for your organisation with your mentors, others team members and family. You will see on that day how many different designs and materials are used to make the model solar boats.


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