Junior Boats

The Junior division of the Model Solar Boats is limited to participants that are currently considered to be in the primary level of schooling, nominally Years 1 to 6.  As such the requirements and skill level are appropriate to participants with formative manual dexterity and limited exposure to scientific and engineering concepts.

A race of 3 Junior BoatsItems such as the drive system motor and hull materials and manufacturing methods are specified to provide the participants with the best chance to design and assemble a craft that should not be too complicated or taxing for the younger team members.  From the regulations the following apply for the Junior division:

  • Hulls, must be constructed from either recycled materials, such as plastic drink containers, cans etc, or materials like polystyrene, cardboard or balsa wood, (all suitably prepared for use in water).
  • The propulsion mechanism is limited to a drive system where the DC motor and propeller are directly linked (no gearbox's).
  • Use of an electronic motor controller or power maximisation system is not permitted.

If this appears to be too restrictive for you plans then the Advanced division is the level where you will need to compete.