Model Solar Boats Overview

A collection of both Junior and Advanced model solar boatsThe model solar boats are run in two divisions, Junior and Advanced.  The Junior division is suitable for participants currently in the Years 1 through 6, or the equivalent, as such it is limited in materials, components and cost while the advanced division allows for a much wider scope of experience and has no limits.  The Advanced division is open to all participants up to and including the Year 12 or the equivalent.

The objective for both division is for participants to develop a boat that will travel along the guide line suspended above the water from one end to the other of a long pool. The aim is for the boat to travel from start to finish in the shortest possible time. Up to three boats from the same division will race together in the pool to determine the winner. The junior division, catering for very simple boats with hulls designed and constructed from recycled materials and low cost drive system components, restricts the costs and required skills so that the competition is open to any organisation qualified to participate.  The Advanced division permits teams to explore the use of more sophisticated moulded and vacuum formed hulls and drive systems that include gearing, high performance motors and electronic controls, hence are designed and constructed by the participants with a higher level of knowledge and skills.

By competing in the boat race, all of the participants are exposed to a valuable learning experience via a technology based problem solving activity.

More information on the two subdivision may be found at either the Junior Boats or Advanced Boats sections.