Registration for 2016 Event


In order to attend and participate in the Victorian Model Solar Vehicle Challenge you must complete a two step process, Organisation Registration and Team Entry.

Note: All organisations interested in participating are required to complete the form regardless of past involvement.

The first step Must be completed by the 28th of August 2016 and involves registering your organisation (using the form below). Late Registration will be considered on a case by case basis so you are encouraged to register as soon as you can.

Secondly each registered organisation will need to submit their team entries. All team details should be lodged with the event organisers before the 10th of September 2016 to avoid additional fees.

Please ensure that you fill in all of the required/mandatory fields, these are marked with a red asterisk *, all of the other fields are optional.

Please enter the relevant details about your organisation so that we may begin the process of registration.  Marked items are mandatory fields and must be completed.

Please enter the contact details for the designated primary contact.  All communication will be sent to this contact.

If desired please enter the secondary contact details.  This contact will be used when communication with the identified primary can not be achieved.  If you wish to have all communications duplicated to the secondary contact please indicate this in the other information section of the form below.

Please indicate the divisions that you wish to participate in at the event.  You can select more than one division.  This is purely an indication and you will need to enter the appropriate team information for the division at a later date.

If you have any additional information you think we need to know or need to make a special request please use the other information area below.  Also the VMSVC are interested in how you came to hear about the Challenge and would ask if you could spend a few minutes to let us know.

In order to hinder online automated submission systems we ask that you review the image below and place the text that you perceive into the field below the image.  If you have trouble reading the text you may change the image by clicking on the small capatcha refresh icon just below the input field.


Please note that by submitting this form and registering for the event you are also giving the VMSVC permission to contact you in the future via any of the methods included in the registration application.  If you do not want to be contacted by the VMSVC after this years event for any reason please enter this request into the Other information section in the form above.