Photon Kruncher MK IV

Vehicle Profile

Name Photon Kruncher MK IV
Organisation VMSVC
Construction Team Ian Gardner - VMSVC Chief Scruitineer

Photon Cruncher MK IV


The Photon Cruncher MK IV was built as an exercise in quality construction techniques by VMSVC chief scrutineer Ian Gardner.  In real terms the vehicle was constructed as a sample of what is possible using standard hand tools and material that are commonly available and applying due care when constructing.  There was no machining or component manufacturing performed, all of the various power train and guide components were purchased as finished units and then assembled to create the race ready vehicle.


Solar Panel

Type Solarex SX-10
Max Power (W) 9.55
Configuration Series 


Car Construction

Motor type Faulhaber 2232
Electronics type Engelec Max-4 maximiser 
Chassis Weight (g)  
Racing Weight (g) 2,100 g


Car Performance

Weight to Power (g/W) 220
Lap times (s) 19.62 @ 90%
20.27 @ 80%